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Calvin 1 year ago
I shaved my Chinese cougar named Karina. She had never shaved ever before, as she was always told only "bad women" do that. As she saw how smooth my body and cock are, she gave in and employed me to shave her. I then got her to wear short dresses commando and braless. She was my fuck pal for 3 months.
Nopubez 3 months ago
Asian women almost never get shaving irritations because their hair is so fine, however, they are one group of people who culturally have been told never to shave their pubic hairs. Many 2nd generation Asian women in America are "going with the flow" and shaving their pubes. This is from my personal observational research from going to various nude resorts. Of course, when I ask such open-minded Asian women, they admire my hair-free body that is shaven from the neck down.
Fuck face 6 years ago
Lone her up while your at it
trapperbob 6 years ago
I love this girl she is my favorite